One Day One Cmd

Place for playing with commands…

Day 11 : $ wc

ODOC: $ wc input_file. Using this word count cmd, we can get the no of lines,words,character which will containing inside the input file.
It will return the no of charcters of the input text file. The input file may be .txt, .pdf, .odt, .doc, etc.,

eg: $ wc demo.pdf. It will return like 58 lines , 276 words, 1000 characters is contained by demo.pdf. 🙂
If u will do like $ wc demo.pdf demo1.txt means, it will return no of lines, words & chars . Its nothing but doing addition of demo.pdf+demo1.pdf
and will return the combined result of no of lines, words, and characters. 🙂


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