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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Eject CD Tray Controller

ODOC: $ eject -i 1.CD-Drive may NOT be ejected with device button.
$ eject -i 0.CD-Drive may be ejected with device button.v can control cd tray:-)


ODOC: $eject.It will eject the cd/dvd tray from the system. $eject -t.It will close the tray. -T option will do toggle effect(open/close):-)

Ordered HUAWEI E1550

Dear All,

I have ordered the HUAWEI E1550 device to send ODOC.

Using this only I had used to send One Day One Command to 300 people over India in past months.

Due to this sms device problem in detecting sim card, I can not send sms in past one month.

Now I ordered new device here.

Within few days, again I will start to send the ODOC service. 🙂