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Day 67: $ Mounting an ISO image

ODOC: We can mount an ISO image without writing any CD/DVD. Also we can do it in two simple commands. So that we can browse for the files, incase some demo CD/DVD provides some guide to use some CD we can view it without Burn into the CD/DVD.

Step 1:
bala@bala-desktop:~$ sudo mkdir -p /mnt/isodir

In the first we are creating a directory name called isodir in mnt directory. For this we have used mkdir command.

Step 2:
bala@bala-desktop:~$ sudo mount -o loop ~/Downloads/Demo.iso /mnt/isodir

In the second step we are mounting the iso in isodir which was created before.
we can create the directory at any place as we need which is not compulsory in creating /mnt/ directory.


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